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Review of Maplelea’s Flight of Fantasy Outfit

I noticed while we were making the “Flight of Fantasy” video that Maplelea chose to place the velcro of the body suit with the rough side facing up.  I found this strange at the time, seeing that the velcro is normally placed with the rough side down as not to snag the doll’s hair.  However while I was dressing Alexi for the photo shoot, I noticed that this was done with a purpose!  Having the rough side facing up made it so that the velcro didn’t snag the tights as you pull them on!  Once again, nice work Maplelea!!!

A few complaints with this outfit, the crocheted flowers have been glued to the wire headpiece and easily fall off.  We recommend adding a few stitches of you own to each flower, so you don’t end up collecting them off the floor.

The silvery tights are adorable, but snag VERY easily.  So good call on Maplelea’s part with the velcro placement, but in order to keep these tights looking their best, you need to be careful.  The same goes for the wrap skirt, as it also snags easily.



2 thoughts on “Review of Maplelea’s Flight of Fantasy Outfit

  1. Good Morning! I love this post and your comments about the outfits. You mentioned the problem with the black outfit leaving lint or fuzz on the body of the doll but there is another problem that could occur. Many people like myself have learned that when using black fabric to create an outfit for a doll, the fabric should be prewashed in order to eliminate any possibility of dye transfer. On top of that, some seamstresses have noted that it can occur even after prewashing, especially if an outfit made primarily with black fabric is left on a doll more than a week or so.

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