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Alone at last, but not quite

Today’s guest blog post was written by Meg’s husband Ed, please enjoy:

Alone at last, but not quite

If you have ever been alone in the house for an extended period of time, you may have experienced the “someone is watching” syndrome or, the less flattering “paranoia” that comes with being by yourself for long periods.  “There’s someone in my house!”

There was no one in my home.  I was in a dream just waking up.  You know the kind of dream: it’s that dream that seems so real that you can feel the wind from the dream as it moves the hair on your arm.  You see the contents of your dream very slowly melt away almost refusing to fade in existence.  The dream environment fights with the walls in your room for your reality.  Yeah, it happened just a couple of days ago.  I woke up with the sound of someone walking down my hallway and typing at my computer.  Normally this isn’t an issue because after the kids are in bed, Meg might be found in the computer room typing a new blog post.  I sometimes find her awake at 5:00 a.m. typing away.   The problem this time is that I know that Meg is not here and neither are the kids.   My family is away on vacation for awhile, enjoying the sun that sets in the East three hours earlier than at home.  I get to talk to them sometimes in the morning before work or just when I get home if it is not past suppertime.  With the time difference, getting home just after supper may mean that I miss talking to the kids because it is their bedtime and; theoretically, they should be sleeping.  

Back to the virtual scariness,

So, someone is in my house.  I hear someone at the computer and someone downstairs!  It’s 4:00 a.m. I had to think and move quickly…If you have ever woken suddenly from sleeping, it takes some time for your brain to send messages to your body.  The scene in The Princess Bride is so much funnier now.  


But, with my best attempt for swiftness, I lunged, and stumbled and locked the bedroom door.  “That should foil my intruders.”  Stumbling back to my bed, I realize that the keys to the door are right beside the door. (this was to quickly open the door in case our children locked us out)

IMG_6062 (1)

Well, that’s that.  I sit on my bed with the home phone in one hand and my cell phone in the other.  If I have to use one of them for a weapon, I can use the other one to call the police.    IMG_6063 (1)

Hmmm I have it all figured out.  I am not sure if I am still waking up at this point because I am physically awake.  But, there have been so many times that I have dreamt an incredible idea only to wake up and realize that the idea is totally stupid.   Usually the dreams are about how I am a totally awesome opera singer.  


Meg tells me often in the morning how my snoring is getting out of control.  

Anyways, I realize that my mind was playing tricks on me.  But just to be sure, the lights are on, the bedroom door is closed and all the keys are on the dresser inside the room.

I should mention that I’m not making light of real life break-ins.  It is a real concern. I guess since in this particular case, it wasn’t real, so I can make fun at my attempt to save myself from…well, my dream self.





6 thoughts on “Alone at last, but not quite

  1. Once when I was a little girl, my mom came home very late from a business trip that she had been on. She came in to kiss me goodnight, and to give me the little gift that she had gotten for me. I sort of half woke up, and opened the gift. Inside was a little pouch of tiny dolls. I loved them instantly. I loved them so much that I decided that I better hide them from my sister. So I hid them. Then I went back to sleep. In the morning, I thought about the dolls, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I had forgotten that I had hid them. I thought that perhaps I had dreamed the whole thing! It wasn’t until a week later that my mom asked me where the little dolls were that she had gotten me. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t a dream at all, but I still couldn’t find them! When I finally did, it was a month later! They were stuck in a tiny little crack between my bed and my wall. My dream self sure found a pretty good hiding spot! LOL! 🙂

    ginnie /


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