Life With Dolls

Oh Brother

My family has an interesting dynamic. We have 3 girls and 1 boy. But what makes our family different is we have triplets. Thats right triplets. Our triplets are 2 girls and 1 boy, and he is here to tell you that being the only boy in a house full of dolls is not always fun.

Meet Brother, he is all boy and loves to play with all things farm related. This is his take on living in a house with dolls.

My sisters and mom have lots of dolls, and doll clothes. I think the dolls have more clothes than me. Why is that??

Every where I look there are dolls or doll things, they tell me I am not allowed to touch. Unless they no longer want to carry them, then they tell me I am allowed to babysit them. I don’t want to babysit them! I don’t even want to play with them. I just don’t want them touching my farm stuff!

Want to know something funny?  It’s really funny to hide their dolls and stuff! They get so mad and it’s so funny to watch.

Also the one time my dad made a zip line for the dolls…that was fun to play with. Until they got upset that I sent one of the dolls down by its feet on the zip line.

Well got to go! Maybe I will hide Jenna and Saila tonight. Then Sophie won’t have any dolls until she finds them.




8 thoughts on “Oh Brother

  1. My son is my youngest so he played with his sisters for quite some time before he lost interest. Our worst sibling catastrophe came when the younger sister cut the older one’s doll’s pigtails off! Needless to say, my older daughter was very sad for quite some time. My younger daughter is still apologizing. My son luckily found other things to do when he was no longer interested! (And he still helps me with projects now that he’s 18).

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  2. Hang in there Dude! Our house is full of doll stuff too and my boy Kurtis sometimes gets frustrated. Really great job on your blog post, keep writing. (It’s a great outlet when all those girls make you crazy)


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