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Review of WellieWisher dolls


If you haven’t figured this out about me yet, let me spell it out for you I AM CHEAP!  That’s right anywhere I can cut costs, and save a few dollars I go for it.  I cut my husband’s hair, and I bring my lunch to work.  The list goes on, but I will spare you the details.  It was sometime early last spring that I first heard of American Girl’s plan to retire the Bitty Baby Twins and release a new line of dolls geared towards younger girls ages 5-8.  All I could think was, there goes American Girl making another attempt to capture even more of my hard earned cash, but I am not going to let them, not this time!

After the WellieWishers were officially released in June my Facebook feed was plastered with posts about these new little 14.5 inch dolls.  I stood my ground, and did not buy into the frenzy, there was no way I was putting out $74.95 for a doll… that was until August…

See part of the problem with being cheap… well my kind of cheap… is walking away from a sale.  There is nothing better than finding a deal, a deal that no one else knows about but you… So here’s what caused me to cave, Chapters/Indigo was offering 15% off online orders during the weekends, but it excluded American Girl products… so just for fun I thought I would try it with a Wellie Wisher doll, and guess what?  It worked!  Visa was also running a promotion at that time, if you used Visa checkout you will get an additional 15% off.  This Visa promotion also said that it wouldn’t work with American Girl products, so I tried to again, and guess what?  It worked!!!  I also was sure to login to my account prior to checking out and received 4% in cash back!  In addition I qualified for free shipping as my order was over $25!  So in total I paid $54.15 for a brand new Willa doll!  I was so excited I shared my great find on Facebook to all our followers, and waited somewhat patiently for her to arrive.


The following week this little cutie arrived on my doorstep!  I love how her little face peeks out of the box!


Since her body is hard plastic she doesn’t have any tags, but this stamp certifies that she is a genuine American Girl doll.  Similar to her 18 inch counterparts, Willa is made in China.


Here she is out of her box!  Of all the Wellie Wisher dolls, it was Willa that captured my attention the most.  I just loved her adorable little meet outfit, I think that it was the little bunny ears and the lady bug boots that got me… not to mention her little hedgehog shirt!


Here you can see her full plastic body.  Her torso is a hard plastic, and her limbs and head are made of a softer vinyl.


Here she is from behind.


Her body is quite slim, I will now be on the hunt for smaller clothing that will fit this little cutie.


Although her vinyl is softer than the 18 inch American Girl dolls, I was only able to slightly depress her cheeks, and limbs.


She has the added details of collarbones, and her head pivots on her plastic neck joint.  Due to this plastic neck joint, her head can easily be tilted from side to side for more pose options.


Willa has such a sweet face, I love the feathered eyebrows and sprinkling freckles across her cheeks.  Her hazel eyes are gorgeous, and have so much depth and detail to them.  She also has the token American Girl exposed teeth.


She only has painted eyelashes, and her eyes do not close when lying.  Perfect choice for the younger crowd for which this doll was created.


Willa, like the other the American Girl dolls has wigged hair.  In the photo above you are able to see a bit of the exposed wig cap.


The quality of the wig has been the biggest complaint that I hear about the Wellie Wisher dolls.  I have not adjusted her hair at all since her exit from the box, however you can clearly see the wefts, and wig cap in the back of her hair.  American Girl has obviously attempted to cut costs by using less wefts in these dolls’ wigs.


Her hands have a similar look to them as the 18 inch American Girl dolls.


Her feet are flat on the bottom and have sculpted toes on the top, also the same as the 18 inch American Girl dolls.  I do think however, that these dolls have more of an arch in their feet.


Willa’s arms are nicely shaped, and have a defined elbow in the front and in the back.


I think that she has adorable knees, and in the back you can make out two small dimples.


Her arms and leg joints are similar and only rotate in place.  I was not able to pull either limb out to the side for more posing options, so in that respect you are limited.


I appreciated her little molded WellieWisher underpants, and this only added to the cute factor for me.

Congratulations American Girl, you got me again!  I am completely in love with the WellieWisher line.  These dolls are too cute, and I can’t think of anything that I don’t like about them.  Also to be perfectly honest while I was working on this post over the weekend I found another sale at Chapters/Indigo, 25% off plus my 4% cash back from and now Camille and her accessories are currently on their way to our house to join our doll family.

Yep, I am a goner!  What will you come up with next American Girl?



*As always on our site prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD), unless otherwise stated.


25 thoughts on “Review of WellieWisher dolls

  1. I keep telling myself no to the Wellie Wishers dolls… but you and many other doll bloggers make it so hard to resist them, haha!

    Meg and Michelle, I really admire your blog and all the hard work you two have put into it. I think it’s amazing how you’ve put it together especially for doll lovers in Canada. While I’m in the US, I absolutely love your incredible blog and followed!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks Madison! I am so impressed with all your stop motion videos. I have following you on YouTube but didn’t know you have a blog until a few days ago! I think your dolls need a little sister… a Wellie Wisher would be perfect 😉 Good luck, and good luck with your giveaway, I bet you are swamped with entries! You are so generous!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. She is so sweet!! I keep saying no to the Wellies too! LOL! It’s probably for the best as we really have no space!! We have a Hearts 4 Hearts doll that is pretty close in size to the WW. She has stringed limbs like the 18 inch dolls, but with a vinyl body. My girl really wants Camille, but I’m so cheap too! We’re heading to the US this spring, so we’ll see!! 🙂

    ginnie /

    Liked by 1 person

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