Canada 150

As I tucked my kids in to bed tonight, my son asked me about the first Prime Minister of Canada, Heritage Minutes was my go to for a quick reference to appease an eager 9 year old mind.

July 1st, is one of my favorite Canadian holidays… maybe this is because I am a Canadian history nerd, or that as a child Canada Day marked the beginning of summer kicked off by an amazing picnic in Waterton with my entire family, cousins and all… my Grandma knew how to organize amazing parties!  This year we are spending our Canada Day with family, floating down the river, playing at the ranch, eating yummy food and watching the fireworks.

As Canada has approached it’s 150th birthday I have gotten swept up with pride, and ensuring my kids learn as much as I can teach them about Canada.  I even invested in the Canadian trivia book you see below available from Scholastic, this book is full of awesome tidbits!

My kids have never traveled outside Alberta, so this gave me an idea… and I need your help!  I am asking you to send me photos of your dolls doing something truly unique to your province/territory.  I plan to turn your submissions into a post at a later date as a way to help make Canada seem a little smaller, and give families a unique way to see Canada and learn more about our great country.

Criteria for submission:

1. Please send me 1-3 photos (must be same location) and a short paragraph describing the activity and telling me what makes it unique to your province/territory. *Without a paragraph your photos will not be used.

2. As much as we love seeing pictures of you and your kiddos please only have your doll in picture.

3. Have fun and showcase your province/territory.

Submissions can be sent to canadiandollnotebook@gmail.com please put in subject line “Attention Michelle- Canada 150”

Thank You,



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