Play Sets

Lemonade Stand 

“Miss Bevers, Miss Bevers, come buy some lemonade…. puhleaseee!”  I was in grade 12 and had been doing work experience at the school with these sweet kids for two years. Their cuteness and my love for them won me over and I reached into my pocket and pulled out a quarter.  Their eyes were gleaming and they were so excited to actually have a “real customer, not just our Moms”.  As they told me about their weekend, I watched two dirt covered, grubby fingers plunge into my lemonade as he passed me my cup. Peering into the cup I could see the dirt swirling in my drink, I cringed!  Four eyes stared at me, waiting for me to take that first sip, with all the courage I could I took a sip, smiled and told them it was good.

Early this spring Sears had a sale on a bunch of their Newberry Doll playsets, and we picked up the Lemonade Stand for $20.00.

My girls love having lemonade stands (don’t worry, I make sure they have clean hands), so this set has been a big hit.  Though I have one concern, either my girls have loved it too much or it just isn’t meant to be played with daily as it has not held up the best. Still worth the $20.00 spent for the hours of play it has had, and I am not afraid of dirty fingers in my lemonade when we play together.



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