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Halloween Boutique Bow 

I have always loved bows in my girls hair, so much so that at one point in my life I actually had a business selling hair bows and tutus. Life got busy and my business got put on the back burner, but as I walked the aisles at Micheals the other day I found Halloween ribbon in the sales bin and I couldn’t help myself…the dolls in our house “NEEDED” Halloween bows.

So here I am with my first diy post. Forgive me if I miss something, I tend to make these with my eyes closed and I am not thr best teacher.

Lets start with the supplies.


I used 6 inches of 3/8″ elastic, 3 different colors of 5/8″ ribbon, 18 inches of 1 color 3/8″ ribbon, thread and needle, scissors, glue gun, wood burning tool, cutting mat or ruler, pencil.

I started by sewing the strip of elastic into a circle. I did this by laying the ends flat and just hand sewing it together.

Next I cut 5 pieces of ribbon from the 5/8″ ribbon. Then cut a V shape into them and used the woodburning tool to seal the ends and stop the fraying.

After that I picked which order i wanted them stacked in, found the center and put them on the needle. Spread them out like a star, then wrapped the center.

Once the center was secured I measured 16 inches of my 3/8″ ribbon, then using my pencil I measured 2″ from the end and marked it with a pencil, then marked every 3″ from the first mark.

To fold the bow I pick up my ribbon and find the furthest left mark, pinch the ribbon towards me, the put my need through it, but do not pull all the way through. Then I find the second mark, pinch the ribbon towards me and fold it back like an accordian and push the needle through. I continue doing this until there are 4 loops, then I pull the needle and thread through and wrap it around the center then tie off the tail of the thread.

Next we move on to stacking the bows. All I did was use the hot glue and make a dab on the star piece, the place the bow on top of that and hold between my thumb and index finger.

Next I glued the bow onto the elastic, covering where I sewed the ends together. Then I used the rest of the 3/8″ ribbon to make the center of the bow. To make the center I tied a knot, glued the knot to the center of the bow. The ends are then wrapped around to the back and glued down.

Once the glue firms up, you are done! Happy crafting! 



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