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Unboxing a Maplelea Doll

Over the years numerous dolls of all types have been bought and brought into my house. Taking any new doll out of the box is exciting, but there is something about the Beautiful Blue Maplelea Box that makes my heart soar. 

I have 5 reasons why I love these boxes.

1. Even though as a parent I know exactly what doll I ordered, and theoretically know what she will look like, there os something magical about lifting that blue lid and seeing her for the first time.

2. The individualized bands around the outside of the box makes you feel like each doll is special. My Lafern once commented that it makes you feel like the doll is extra “fancy, because fancy boxes always have a ribbon or band telling you what it is.” Gosh I love that 9 year old thought process, and I have to agree.

3. When we got our first Maplelea Girls we got 3 and outfits for 3. The boxes were a great place to store and keep all the doll stuff, the box also doubled as a bed for the dolls until we got ones.

4. Maplelea has taken such care with the packaging of ths dolls to make sure they arrive flawless. As well as being secure though the packaging is easy enough for kids to free their dolls themselves.

5. I personally feel that the boxes set Maplelea apart in the fact that they don’t cheapen the dolls, in fact I feel they enhance the quality of their product. I feel that the boxes that have the plastic window look cheap, they don’t hold up ans often dolls coms with shine marks from eager kids touching the window and the glue lossening and dolls being touched.

I could list more, but will spare you my Nit Picky thoughts on boxes, but I am curious, what are your thoughts on the different packaging.



6 thoughts on “Unboxing a Maplelea Doll

  1. I don’t associate boxes with plastic windows as cheap; I have dolls from expensive European brands like Kidz n Cats and A Girl For All Time that came in boxes with windows. Equally, my cheapest 18″ dolls from Designafriend (these are store brand dolls from a British chain called Argos) come in lidded boxes.


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