Canada’s JustLikeyouStudio on Etsy
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Canada’s JustLikeyouStudio on Etsy

You have been searching, and searching and finally found that adorable item on Etsy that you know your doll would rock on Halloween!  The excitements builds as you click “add to cart”…  “shipping to Canada $34”, suddenly your heart plummets to your stomach, disappointment overcomes you, you feel defeated.  This has happened to me more than … Continue reading

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Review of Maplelea’s Ukrainian Dance Outfit

Canadian Doll Notebook would like to wish all Ukrainians, and Orthodox Christians a Merry Christmas today! We were pleased to learn that Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan, has declared 2016 the year of the Saskatchewan Ukrainians.  It has been 125 years since the first wave of Ukrainian immigrants entered Canada.  According to the last Saskatchewan … Continue reading